A beautiful bird on a branch.


Discover the magical forest boma where you can picnic or barbecue and watch secretive forest birds and shy bush buck. Zebra, grysbok, bontebok, and ostrich are found on the open plains at the top of the gorges and if you are lucky you might spot an elusive lynx, a porcupine, a bush pig or even a snake. Bird lovers can spot more than 200 species including the Narina Trogon, Knysna Turaco and Knysna woodpecker.

Two zebra standing on a small hill, peacefully appreciating the spectaculor scenery of the Ballots Nature Reserve that surrounds your luxury villa at Cliff Top Houses, South Africa.
A small brown baby mouse sits peacefully on the branch of a tree, nibbling his food.
Two splendid blue and green feathered Knysna Turaco birds - also known as Tauraco corythaix or the Knysna Lourie - sitting in the branches of a tree in the Ballots Nature Reserve.
You will often meet small monkeys such as this incredibly adorable little fellow along your walks through the Ballots Nature Reserve.
As Cliff Top Houses is wonderfully situated in the heart of the Ballots Nature Reserve, you'll discover a whole new world of wildlife, with more than 200 bird species within the reserve, such as this exquisite Knysna woodpecker.