Scenic nature surrounding Cliff Top Houses, Wilderness.

Sea, Forest & Fynbos

There are many hiking trails to explore on Ballots nature reserve. Spot an otter or the endangered Oyster Catcher on the pebbly beach at Ballots Bay, a haven of peace and tranquility much loved by fishermen. Steep paths lead down the cliffs to secluded rock pools where you can cool off, protected from the pounding surf. Explore further south and find the only living coastal cave in Africa.

Fynbos is a unique kind of vegetation which is dominant in the Cape Floral Kingdom and contains more than 9000 plant species. Ballots Nature Reserve is rich in fynbos plants including proteas, ericas, numerous bulbs and restios. To date 4 red data species have been identified.

The indigenous forest is typical of the area with large yellowwoods, milkwoods and many other protected trees and plants.

A picture of an exquisite cream and green Erica flower of the Ericaceae family, which you will discover as you wander through the spectacular Ballots Nature reserve surrounding Cliff Top Houses.
A picture of waves breaking gently onto the beach below, just a few meters away.
A picture of the peaceful, secluded and incredibly beautiful beach at Cliff Top Houses, with waves gently breaking and the splendid blue horizon beyond.
Ballots Nature Reserve blooms with an exquisite diversity of fynbos plants, such as this with beautiful pink and yellow flowers.
Cliff Top Houses is ideally situated in the Ballots Nature Reserve, offering an endless supply of exquisite fynbos, in all the colours of the rainbow, such as this beautiful yellow flower.