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Elephant seal chooses Ballots Bay

(photos: courtesy of Clare Theron)

Yesterday an elephant seal beached itself at Victoria Bay and was harassed and sprayed with water. By this morning, she (or he) had made her way to Ballots Bay where she was found early this morning lying quietly on the beach by Clare Theron.

We called a marine biologist friend who alerted Cape Nature and within minutes Keith Spencer called with instructions of what to do. He said this is quite rare, and she has, in all likelihood, come here to moult which can take anything up to a month. During this time she must be protected from people disturbing her. The beach has been cordoned off and everyone at Ballots has been asked to be quiet and gentle and watch her through binoculars, not closeup.

We will do an update if anything changes, but in the meantime, we are so happy that she chose Ballots Bay where she can be completely safe!

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