A bowl of yellow and red fruit rests on a brown table in the lounge of our Bees Knees rental villa, in the Wilderness, South Africa, where you can enjoy a magnificent ocean view right from your lounge.


We have a name!

The competition to find a name for our beautiful new wood and glass house in the forest was an outstanding success. We had more than 400 name suggestions so finding a winner became a challenging task. We roped in friends, family and CTH houses past guests and asked them to pick their favourites out of a short list of 16.

And the ultimate winner was unexpected…

Henry and I are both romantics so we were keen on some of the poetic, evocative names, like Natures Whisper, Paradise Found, Top of the World, Imagine, Moody Blues, The Wow House …
But simplicity ruled and by a huge margin the winner was…..


And that is just what it is!!!

The house is emerging from the forest of Milkwood, Candlewood and Cheesewood trees like it's been there for decades. Branches overhang decks and are integrated on each level, with the house seemingly touching the trees gently. We have worked closely with our Environmental officers to ensure as many trees as possible are saved and the marvellously sensitive builders only trim where really, really necessary.

Before the site was cleared, we did a plant rescue and we are nurturing 100's of ferns, small trees, bulbs, shrubs and succulents – ready to replant when the house is finished.

For us, this has been a labour of love and I can't remember when we have been more excited about one of Henry's creations. It's going to be a special house in a unique and stunningly beautiful position at Ballots Bay.

If you want more info, pop me an email or a WhatsApp

+27 832605299 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • www.clifftophouses.com

Name suggestions to be posted on Instagram @jaredincpt

We are open for bookings from November and will be running early bird specials – soon to be announced so follow us on Instagram 


Or keep in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp.

And @jaredincpt will be back in November to cover the launch so follow him as well and you won't miss out !

Congratulations to @diana_keam who submitted the name and has won a 2 night stay in Forest House.

We look forward to welcoming you! Look out for her posts.

Name our 'tree house' & Win !